Brass & Woodwind

New and revised syllabus rules and classes for 2019 are highlighted in yellowchanges with highlights.


  • All competitors, parents, teachers and choreographers are sincerely advised to carefully review and abide by the regulations and spirit of the festival so that infractions do not occur.

Please review the main Syllabus page and the General Rules & Regulations as well as this syllabus for more information.

Brass & Woodwind Syllabus

Class Certificates

A Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate will be issued to all participants of each competitive class. This system has been put in place for a 2-year trial.

  • Gold: 85 and above
  • Silver: 80 to 84
  • Bronze: 80 and under

The Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates do not indicate a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place standing in a class. Each colour represents a level of performance achievement.

There will be no set number of Gold, Silver, or Bronze certificates allotted for each class.

Marks will neither be announced nor written on the adjudication sheets. Marks will be kept privately by the adjudicator’s secretary and adjudicator on a tabulation sheet that will, in turn, be submitted to the Mid Island Performing Arts Musical Festival Bursary Committee. A few days after the end of each section, teachers will receive their students’ marks from the section chair.


  1. Please read the General Rules and Regulations governing the Mid Island Performing Arts Musical Festival and the Provincial and National competition requirements.
  2. It is the responsibility of the teacher and the student to select the correct grade level, class and piece.
    1. Jazz/Pop Category can be Own Choice.
    2. Suggested repertoire is available.
    3. Please refer to either the Toronto Conservatory of Music Syllabus or the Western Board Syllabus.
  3. Own choice classes are set by grade level and not age. If students are taking Toronto Conservatory Examinations (or equivalent) the following rules apply:
    1. A student passing the previous May/June examination MUST enter at a higher grade in the current festival.
    2. A student passing Jan./Feb. examinations may stay at the same level in the current festival.
  4. Once a student has decided on the grade level he/she will enter, he/she must then stay in that grouping in all solo classes of that section.
  5. Time limits must be observed or the competitor may be disqualified. Selections do not need to be the maximum length.
  6. Students may enter a maximum of 3 solo classes.
  7. To be considered for a bursary a competitor must enter at least 2 solo classes. Jazz/Pop and Adult Categories will not be considered for bursaries at this time.
  8. Preliminary levels: Entrants in this class must not play pieces from Grade 1.
    1. This class is to accommodate students who have not yet reached Grade 1 level.
    2. Jazz/Pop and Adult entries may enter with any piece.
  9. The adjudicator may choose exceptional students to represent the Mid Island Performing Arts Musical Festival in both brass and woodwind sections of the Provincial Finals.
    1. Please note the list of Provincial and National classes offered at the end of this section.
    2. There are no promotions to Provincials in the Jazz/Pop and Adult classes.
  10. In ALL instrumental classes, the competitor must submit the original unmarked score of his/her music (NO PHOTOCOPIES) prior to the class in which he/she is to perform.
    1. Such music is to be plainly marked with the competitor’s name, number and page number of the selection, to be given to the adjudicator’s secretary on proceeding to the platform.
    2. All music must be reclaimed following the adjudication of such classes. The Festival Committee accepts no responsibility for such music.
    3. If original scores are not available, a letter of release is required from the publisher.


Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Fees

Preliminary and Grades 1 to 4 $13.00
Grades 5 and 6 $15.00
Grades 7 and 8 $15.00
Grade 9 and over $18.00
OPEN $20.00
13 and under $8.00 per person
16 and under $8.00 per person
17 and under $9.00 per person
Trios, Quartets and Ensembles $8.00 per person
Percussion Ensemble (Elementary Schools) $4.00 per person


Class No. Class No. Class No. Class No. Class No. Minutes
Grade Baroque /
Romantic /
Own Choice Jazz/Pop Adult Time Limit
Preliminary 1 8 15 15J 15A 3
1 and 2 2 9 16 16J 16A 4
3 and 4 3 10 17 17J 17A 4
5 and 6 4 11 18 18J 18A 5
7 and 8 5 12 19 19J 19A 8
9 and 10 6 13 20 20J 20A 10
Diploma Level / Open 7 14 21 21J 21A 20

Reed (Clarinet / Saxophone / Bassoon / Oboe)

Class No. Class No. Class No. Class No. Class No. Minutes
Grade Baroque /
Romantic /
Own Choice Jazz/Pop Adult Time Limit
Preliminary 22 29 36 36J 36A 3
1 and 2 23 30 37 37J 37A 4
3 and 4 24 31 38 38J 38A 4
5 and 6 25 32 39 39J 39A 5
7 and 8 26 33 40 40J 40A 8
9 and 10 27 34 41 41J 41A 10
Open 28 35 42 42J 42A 20

Brass Solo

Class No. Class No. Class No. Class No. Class No. Minutes
Grade Baroque /
Romantic /
Own Choice Jazz/Pop Adult Time Limit
Preliminary 43 50 57 57J 57A 3
1 and 2 44 51 58 58J 58A 4
3 and 4 45 52 59 59J 59A 4
5 and 6 46 53 60 60J 60A 5
7 and 8 47 54 61 61J 61A 8
9 and 10 48 55 62 62J 62A 10
Open 49 56 63 63J 63A 20

Brass and Woodwind Duets, Trios, Quartets, Quintets

Grade Class No. Time Limit (Minutes)
10 and under 64 3
13 and under 65 4
16 and under 66 5
17 and over 67 8

Brass and Woodwind Ensembles

Grade Class No. Time Limit (Minutes)
16 and under 68 6
17 and over 69 8

Percussion Classes

Class No. Minutes Class No. Minutes Class No. Minutes
Grade Drum Solo Time Limit Drum Duets Time Limit Percussion
Time Limit
14 and under 70 4 73 5
17 and under 71 6 74 6
Senior Open (over 17) 72 8 75 8
Open 76 10

Additional classes may be added upon request if the Committee feels they are warranted.

Provincial Finals

General Rules

  1. Competitors are required to state on the entry form which instrument(s) they play.
  2. Students are permitted to use two instruments of the same family in the same competition e.g. piccolo and flute or A and B flat clarinet.
  3. Contrasting selections: must be from different periods showing a contrast in style and mood.
  4. Two or more movements of a sonata, suite, etc. are permissible provided another contrasting work can be performed within the time limit.
  5. A “Concerto” or “Concerted Work”: a composition written for a solo instrument with orchestral accompaniment.
  6. The presentation of Canadian compositions is strongly encouraged.
    1. The Canadian Music Centre may be contacted at 604-734-4622 for music information.
    2. The adjudicator will be requested to choose the best performance of a Canadian work in each class: those competitors shall receive a Canadian music prize.
  7. Syllabi from the Royal Conservatory (Toronto), Conservatory Canada or other major institution may be used as a reference for grade levels.
  8. Competitors must be of accepted ages as of Dec. 31st, before the upcoming Festival.
    1. There is no minimum age restriction in the Music Division, however, adjudicators should attempt to choose not only the best competitor but one who displays the maturity needed for the Provincial Festival experience.
    2. All minor competitors must be supervised by an adult.
Check the current Provincial syllabus at:

Woodwind Classes

Class Age Time Limit (Minutes) Standard
Junior 50 14 and under 15 Grade 6 level or above
Intermediate 51 17 and under 20 Grade 8 level or above
Senior 52 28 and under 25 Grade 10 level or above

Brass Classes

Class Age Time Limit (Minutes) Standard
Junior 60 14 and under 15 Grade 5 level or above
Intermediate 61 17 and under 20 Grade 8 level or above
Senior 62 28 and under 25 Grade 9 level or above

Participants in the above Brass and Woodwind classes are to use two contrasting selections, one of which has been adjudicated at the local level.

National Level

Class 5 National Woodwind Age: 28 and under Time Limit: 40 minutes
Class 6 National Brass Age: 28 and under Time Limit: 40 minutes

Two selections consisting of:

  • Two consecutive movements of a senior concerto, or a complete concerted work; and
  • One own choice selection (but NOT another movement of the above).
NOTE: Memorization is not mandatory for this class at the Provincial Festival, however, memorization is mandatory for this class at the National Festival.
ATTENTION NATIONAL CLASS COMPETITORS: Please refer to the current national syllabus.


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