The web version of the 2023 Mid Island Performing Arts Festival syllabus is the official and only version available. If you need a paper copy, use the menu above to go to the relevant section of the online syllabus, then print the information.


Check the FAQs below to see if your question has already been answered. If you still have questions, please go to the Contacts page and send your query to the appropriate Topic.

Effect of Bill C-42 – Copyright

It is illegal to copy by any means previously published material. Publishers usually hold the copyright. In the case of firms no longer in business, their copyrights are assets transferred to others. A letter is required from any publisher who has permitted the copying of their work. Internet copies are acceptable only with a valid receipt. The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals has now deemed it permissible to use photocopies for page turns etc., as long as the original copy is present at the performance. This does not mean that the adjudicator has the original and the performer the photocopy. There must be two original copies present in the competition hall. Substantial penalties are enacted in this legislation and have been levied against other organizations. This Association cannot afford to be compromised. Any student who does not stay within the above copyright rules will be disqualified.


  • Opening date for registration in the 2023 festival: November 1, 2022.
  • Deadline for entries: December 31, 2022.
  • Please check the General Rules & Regulations for more information about entering the Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get tickets?

– morning, afternoon or evening sessions:
Adults $3.00 — Students and Seniors $2.00

– Adults $ 20.00 — Students & Seniors $15.00
*This ticket will admit you to any festival session except the Honours performance and Dance Gala.

– $16.00
TICKETS: Available in MARCH

Call the Port Theatre (250) 754-8550
or order online @

TICKETS: Available at the door and at all festival sessions
ADULTS – $10


One good quality copy of each selection must be received by the Speech Arts Chairperson at least two weeks before the Festival date. To whom do I send it?

Go to our Contact Us page and enter your Name, Email, and Class # in the Contact form. Choose Speech & Dramatic Arts as the Topic. Upload a file containing your selection using the File Attachments field. Acceptable file types are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, tif, tiff, and txt. The file size must be no larger than 5 MB.

We are going on vacation. Can you schedule our child’s performances before or after the days we will be away?

While we would like to accommodate, due to the confirmed bookings of our adjudicators and venues, and the varied schedules of all our participants, there is limited flexibility in the programme. We cannot reschedule a performance or class without affecting the plans of all the other participants, their accompanists, teachers, choreographers, and volunteers involved. Please notify the appropriate section chair through our Contact page if a participant cannot attend when scheduled, so that performance sessions are not unnecessarily delayed. We do not issue refunds for withdrawn entries.

How can I pay my entry fees?

  1. PayPal
    • Click on the ‘CLICK HERE’ link in the registration confirmation email you received from or
    • Login to your PayPal account, send your entry fee to and include the CompID# from the registration confirmation in the Description field
  2. Cheque
    • Send a cheque payable to the ‘Mid Island Performing Arts Festival’ to
      4000 Rock City Road, Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 4Y8
      and include the CompID# from the registration confirmation on the Memo line

When will the Festival Programme be available?

The MIPAF Programme setting out the performance dates & times of all participants will be available on the website at no cost by mid-February. Hard copies of the Programme will be available at each venue for $5.

I am a Teacher and I don’t see my name in the Teacher drop-down list on the registration form. How do I get added to the drop-down list?

Go to the Contacts page and send an email to the Online Registration topic with your contact details and the Disciplines that you teach.

I forgot my password. How can I login to see my Teacher’s Report?

  1. Go to the Teacher’s Report login page
  2. Click the ‘Retrieve Password’ link.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your Teacher’s Report.
  4. Click the ‘Retrieve Password’ button and your password will be emailed to you.

Account Logins


Teacher’s ReportClick to login to your Teacher's Report to view your entries and pay outstanding registration fees. You do not need a Teacher’s Account to submit entries, but having an account has the following benefits:

  • Setting up a Teacher’s Account is free.
  • When entering several participants in the festival, your contact information will be filled in automatically by selecting your name from the Teacher/Studio dropdown list.
  • You can review and pay for all your students’ entries in one place.

During the open registration period, use the link near the top of the home page to register your students for the festival. Please visit the Contacts page to get a Teacher’s Account set up, and your name or Studio added to our Registration form, or to get in touch with our Section Chairs if there are any further questions or revisions to your entries.

DANCE Teachers and Studios:

DanceSyncClick to login to your DanceSync account to view your entries and pay outstanding registration fees.

MIPAF Section Chairs and Members Only:

Music/Speech Festival AdministrationLogin to View/Schedule Entries DanceSyncLogin to manage DanceSync
 to check and organize the entries in your discipline  to check and organize DANCE entries
Festival Members Handbook